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PostHeaderIcon Amy Winehouse dies at 28

News of Amy Winehouse’s death travelled with such speed. When I heard I couldn’t help but crack up with emotion. She was a real heroin. It’s such a blow. She really made a hash of things though. Her life just went to pot. Someone should have kept tabs on her.

There were so many doping accusations at the Tour de France, Amy Winehouse immediately began training for next year’s event.

– – –

Five paintings, including  a Picasso, were stolen overnight from a Paris museum. In order to identify the Picasso painting, police are using a photo of Amy Winehouse.

– – –

Two detectives are in Amy Winehouse’s flat. One says to the other “I’ve never heard of her, what was she famous for?”

The other copper replies “She was a very well-known musician.”

The first detective looks around and says, “Ah, I see now. Let me guess, she played the spoons?”

– – –

Winehouse’s family formed a line outside of her apartment. It’s what she would have wanted.

– – –

When Amy Winehouse heard there was a line to get into heaven, she rolled up a $20 bill.

– – –

Q: What’s the difference between February and Amy Winehouse?

A: February makes it to 28!

– – –

Q: What’s the difference between Amy Winehouse and Amy Winehouse jokes?

A: The jokes will get old.

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