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Random Thoughts

  • Have you ever considered how evil a chicken omelette is? They kill the chicken, chop it up and cook it inside their own babies... Too bad it\'s delicious.

  • It's better to have Loved and Lost than to live with an asshole the rest of your life!

  • Love means never having to say, "Does that twenty include the spanking?"

  • 'Work fascinates me', I can look at it for hours.

  • You can go anywhere you want if you look serious and carry a clipboard.

  • The most embarrassing thing you can do as a school child is to call your teacher Mum or Dad.

  • Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

  • Definition of pressure:.....A wife, a mistress and a mortgage all a month late.

  • Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences that money can buy.

  • I can walk on water, but I stagger on alcohol.

Meanwhile in Ukraine

A police office in Ukraine pulls over a drunk motorist in a bath tub