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“Ham and eggs: Just a day's work for a chicken, but a lifetime commitment for a pig.”

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PostHeaderIcon Betting on the dog!

A fellow was about to enter a bar when a dog said to him,

“Hey, mister! Wanna make some quick money?”

The man couldn’t believe his ears.

He said to the dog, “Can you talk?”

“Yeah,” the dog answered, “and that’s how we can pick

up some easy money. You take me into the bar with you,

pretend I’m your dog, and bet everybody I can talk.”

The fellow thought that was a great idea, so he took the

dog into the bar, set it on the bar, and announced to

everyone that the dog could talk.

The other patrons didn’t believe him, and it wasn’t long

before several thousand dollars had been bet.

Finally, after all the bets had been placed, the guy said

to the dog, ” All right, go ahead and say something.”


He told the dog again, “Hey! All the bets are placed!

Say something !”

The dog just looked at him and whined.

The man, asked again and again, but the dog wouldn’t say

a word. Finally, the guy had to pay all the bets, scooped

up the dog in disgust and walked out.

Once outside, he screamed, “You just cost me way over a

thousand dollars! You got anything to say before I

kill you?”

“Use your head, mister,” the dog answered. “Tomorrow

night, we’ll be able to get five-to-one.”

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