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“I am the same today as I was tomorrow.”

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PostHeaderIcon Dead Rabbit!

A man comes home one day and finds his dog, carrying a dead rabbit in his mouth. He is even more shocked when he recognizes the rabbit as the beloved pet of the cute little girl next door.

Trying to make the best of a bad situation, he decides the best thing to do is clean up the rabbit and put him back in his cage so it looks like he died comfortably. The man spends a few hours shampooing the rabbit and even blow-dries his fur. When he is done, he sneaks into the other yard, opens the cage, and tucks the rabbit in the corner. The rabbit truly looks as if it died peaceably in his sleep.

Later, he is startled by the loud screams from the little girl. She is standing outside the rabbit cage screaming. The man thinks to himself “Thank god I made it look peaceful. Imaging how she would have felt it she know what really happened”.

The man goes over to the little girl and asks what the problem is.

“Well”, she says between sobs, “Yesterday, my rabbit died, and we buried him in the back yard and now here he is back in his cage”!

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