Random Thought
“When something good happens, you drink in order to celebrate, when something bad happens, you drink in order to forget, and when nothing happens, you drink in order to make something happen!”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon Frank’s new pet!

Frank was lonely and decided life would be more interesting

if he had a pet.

Visiting the pet store, he told the owner he wanted something

unusual. After some discussion about it, he finally decided

on a centipede, and took his new pet home in a little white

box shaped like a tiny house.

After a day talking to his pet and getting to know him, Frank

decided to take him to the bar with him to have a drink. He

leaned over the little white house and said, “Hey, would you

like to go to the bar with me to have a drink?”

But his pet didn”t answer. Frank waited a few minutes then

leaned over again. “I said, do you want to go the bar for a


Still no answer. Finally Frank figured that maybe his centipede

was hard of hearing, so he leaned in real close and shouted,

“Hey! You want to go to the bar for a drink or not?”

A little voice came out of the box. “I heard you the first time!

I”m still putting on my shoes!”

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