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“My wife and I were happy for twenty years.. Then we met.”

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PostHeaderIcon Gay and Gorilla!

Two queers, Roger and Bill, are walking through London Zoo one day when they come across the “Rwandan Silverback Gorilla” cage. Sitting upright just inside the bars is an eight foot muscle bound Silverback Gorilla and Bill; being as gay as you like; can’t help but notice its massive, thick penis hanging there.

“OOOoooh….Look at the donger on him Roger!” Squeals Bill excitedly. “I’ve never had one that size in my hand before!

Unable to contain himself, he reaches through the bars and strokes the apple-sized bell-end of the ape. Roger tries to pull his boyfriend away but it’s too late……. the gorilla’s shovel like hands clasp Bill’s wrist and yank him through the bars, into the cage. Roger screams in a gay fashion as Bill is dragged into the gorilla’s bamboo hut.

Whilst in there, Bill is subjected to a very very very rough bout of anal sex with the Silverback. Roger covers his ears to block Bill’s screams and runs to get help. It takes three and a half hours for the Zoo Staff to lure the ape out and fire a tranquilizer dart at its arse. They call an ambulance and Bill is rushed to hospital for major ring piece surgery.

A few days later Roger decides to visit his gay pal Bill in Hospital as he hears that he’s regained consciousness. Bill is in his bed, crying his eyes out when Roger walks in.

“How are you feeling darling?” asks Roger quietly.

“Awful!” whimpers Bill “That fucking gorilla shagged my arse rotten!”

“Does it hurt?” asked Roger

“HURT?” replies Bill, tears rolling down his cheeks “HURT?…….


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