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“If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales?”

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PostHeaderIcon Taking a penguin!

One day a man and his wife came across a penguin…it was rare to to find

penguins in town….so they said to theyselves…”what can we do with this

Penguin”.They couldn”t come up with a solution….just as they were about

to leave that penguin alone a policeman came to the scene.

“Hello sir!!!” the man said to the officer.

“Hi” came a reply

“Sir, we need your help…aaaah we”ve just found this penguin here…” the

man continued.

“Yeah” said the officer

“Sir,what can we do with it?” asked the wife.

“oh,ok…take it to the zoo!!!” adviced the officer

“What a brilliant idea!!!” thought the couple.

The next day the same officer was doing his daily patrols when he came

across the same couple (still with the penguin).

“I thought I told u to take that bird to the zoo!!!” said the officer.

“Yes we did, we had a good time there too” said the wife.

“We even took him to the movies, and today we are taking him to the

resturant” added the man.

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