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PostHeaderIcon Two Drunks and a Sausage

Two career drunks were extremely thirsty one Saturday night and

decided to go to the store to get some cheap booze. In the store, the

first drunk says, “All right, I have 87 cents; how much do you have?”

His friend replies, “I have a dollar. What can we get for $1.87?”

The first spots a big Italian sausage on the rack for only $1.80 and

has a great idea. “Hey, here’s what we can do” he says. “We’ll buy

that sausage there and put it in my pants. We’ll go into a bar and

order drinks. After the drinks are gone, I’ll pull out the sausage and

you start sucking on it. They’ll kick us out of the bar and we won’t

have to pay!”

The second drunk agrees and they head off to the bar. They walk in and

order two beers and drink them down. When the beer is gone,the first

drunk whips the sausage out and the second starts sucking on it.

“What the hell are you doing? Get out of my bar!” says the bartender,

and the two run out laughing. “That was great, and it didn’t cost us a

cent” says the second drunk. “Let’s do it again!”

So off they run to another bar for a repeat performance. This

continues through the night. At the end of the night, after about the

20th bar, the second drunk says “Man what a great night. All this

drinking is making me hungry. Hey, pull out that sausage and let’s eat


“Sausage?” says the first. “I ate the sausage about eight bars ago!”

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