Random Thought
“I was at a restaurant yesterday. I asked the waiter for the black pepper, and he gave me the Sowetan.”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon Lil’ Johnny, Lil’ Jenny and Pammy!

An ten year old boy was walking home with a girl in his class when he said:

“Pammy, you’re the first girl I have ever loved.”

Pammy responded: “Great, that’s all I need is another beginner.”

Little Jenny comes home from playing at Johnny’s house. “Hey Mom, guess what! Johnny’s got a penis like a peanut!” Mom is understandably confused for a second, then asks, “What, you mean it’s shaped like a peanut?”

“No silly, it’s salty!”

Little Johnny was in his math class one day when the teacher singled him out. “If I gave you $200,” the teacher began,” and you gave $50 to Mary, $50 to Sally and $50 to Susan, what would you have?”

“An orgy,” Johnny answered.

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