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“The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble.”

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PostHeaderIcon Arguing surgeons!

At the Micro Surgeons conference in London, the leading Surgeons

were in the bar and being as drunk as skunks, began to reminisce

over their great feats.

The Australian surgeon explained:

“We had a chap caught in a printing press at a factory last year

and all that was left of him was his little finger. Our team

of surgeons constructed a new hand and built a new arm,

engineered a new body and ultimately, when returned to the

workforce, he was so efficient that he put 5 men out of work

“That’s nothing, replied the American surgeon. “We had a worker

trapped inside a nuclear reactor and all that was left of him

was his hair. We re-constructed a new skull, a new torso,

new limbs and then returned him to the workforce. He is so

efficient that he put 60 men out of work.”

The Zimbabwean surgeon was not to be outdone.

“I was walking down Moffat Street when I got this smell of a

fart. So I took it back to the lab in a garbage bag, let it

loose on the table and we got to work. First of all we wrapped

an arsehole around it, built a bum around that and attached a

body to one end and legs to the other. Gradually it turned

into a man called Robert Mugabe and he put the

whole *&^%! country out of work!!!”

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