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“People who cannot make love make money.”

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PostHeaderIcon Condom size!

A man walks into a Pharmacy and says to the beautiful female teller, “Umm…

err, I’ve never purchased condoms before, and I don’t know what size to buy.”

“That’s okay. You can test your size on the fence out in back.”

So the man walks out back and he sees three holes. Just as he prepares to stick

his penis in the first hole, the beautiful teller sneaks over to the other side

of the fence. The man sticks his penis through the first hole where it is

gently caressed by the teller. Then he pulls it it out and sticks it through

the second hole where the teller begins to suck his penis and give him a blow

job. Then, finally, he pulls it out and sticks it in the third hole. The teller

takes her vagina, wraps it around his penis, and begins to hump it. She quickly

pulls up her pants and scurries back inside where the man is begining to

stumble back in.

She starts to giggle and says, “Have you decided on the appropriate size?”

“Screw the condoms! Just give me 3 yards of that fence!”

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