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“My reality check bounced.”

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PostHeaderIcon Disfiguring diseases!

A couple of newlyweds are having their honeymoon. They are very religious and have never even seen each other without all their clothes on. The woman slips into a sexy teddy as the man takes off his socks and shoes. His feet are stinky and nasty-looking with corns all over.

“What’s wrong with your toes?” his new wife says.

“When I was younger I had tolio.”

“Don’t you mean polio?” she asks.

“No, tolio; it only affects the toes.” He then takes off his pants.

His knees are horribly misshapen. They are all knobby with bumps on them.

“Your knees … what happened?” his wife enquires again.

“I had kneesles when I was a kid.”

“Don’t you mean measles?”

“No, kneesles; it only affects the knees.”

She watches him slowly slip off his boxers and then she frowns.

Let me guess: you also had smallcox.”

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