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“If carrots are so good for the eyes, how come I see so many dead rabbits on the highway?”

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PostHeaderIcon Expectant father!

There was an expectant father who had spent quite some time

waiting for the offspring to arrive – at his in-laws place.

As his leave balance had gone into the red, he tells his

father-in-law – ” When my son comes, do not call up office and

say that I have become a father of a boy, etc. otherwise I’ll have

to shell out a lot for parties etc. Just tell me that the clock

has arrived. This will be our code for the arrival of the baby.”

The offspring does arrive one day, but it’s a daughter. The

father-in-law now thinks – “If I tell him that the clock has not

arrived, he’ll misunderstand that some thing has happened to

the baby and come rushing over.”

So he sends the message – ” The clock has arrived, but the

pendulum is missing”.

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