Random Thought
“I just new I was in big trouble at work when the new policy on sexual harassment included a photo of me.”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon Fetching slippers!

Stanley stops by to visit his friend who is paralysed from the waist down. They talk for a while and then the friend asks, “My feet are cold. Would you be so kind as to go get me my house slippers please?”

Stanley obliges and goes upstairs. There he sees his friend’s daughters, both very good looking. Being the adventurous and quick thinking kind, he says…

“Hi, ladies! Your daddy sent me here to have sex with you!”

They stare at him and say, “That can’t be!”

He replies, “OK, let’s check!”

He shouts at his friend down the stairs, “Both of them?”

…”Yes, both of them!”

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