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“It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.”

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PostHeaderIcon Having nut’s removed!

A man is having terrible headaches. He can”t sleep, eat, think, or do much

of anything because of the pain.

Several doctors examined him and couldn”t determine the cause of his


He finally went to one of the top neurological specialists in the country

who examines him and says, “I”ve found the cause of the pain. Your

testicles are pushing up into your spine. The constant pressureon the spine

causes the headaches. The only thing I can do is perform surgery and remove

your testicles.”

The man is shocked to hear this but the decision is not difficult as he

know he cannot stand the pain of the headaches.

He has the surgery and immediately fells like a new man. The pain is

completely gone and he feels like he has a new life. He is so happy he

decides to buy himself a new suit. He goes to a small men”s shop and tells

the old tailor that he wants to buy a suit.

“Sure,” says the tailor. “You”re a 42 long, right?”

“Wow, how did you know?” says the man.

“Hey, I”ve been in this business a long time. You learn a few things” said

the tailor.”

The tailor brought the man a suit that fit perfectly. It looked so good

that the man decided to buy a new shirt to go with it.

“16, 34, right?” said the tailor.

“Right again!” said the man. “You”re amazing.”

“Hey, I”ve been in this business a long time. You learn a few things”.

The tailor brought a shirt and tie and they looked great. The man said,

“Hey, let”s go for broke. Give me a pair of the silk boxers too.”

The tailor said, “36 right?”

“I”m disappointed,” said the man. “But 2 out of 3 is still good. I wear

size 34 boxers.”

The tailor said, “Hey, I”ve been in this business for a long time and I

think you need 36.”

The man replied, “It”s obvious you know your business but I”ve worn size 34

for as long as I can remember. I”m going to have to disagree with you on

this one”.

“Hey look,” said the tailor, “I”ll sell you whatever you want. But I”ve

been in this business a long time. If you wear a size 34 it”s gonna push

your nuts up into your spine and give you terrible headaches.”

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