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“The nice part about living in a small town: When you don't know what you're doing, someone else always does.”

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PostHeaderIcon Hippie, Nun and a busdriver!

A hippie is riding on a bus one afternoon. The bus stops,

and on steps a young nun. Even through all the robes,

it is evident that the nun is a very attractive young lady.

There being no other empty seats on the bus, the nun

sits down next to the hippie, who immediately tried to

hit on her. “Honey, wouldn’t you like to make sweet love

with me? I sure would like to show you what you’re


The nun was totally flustered and got off the bus at the

very next stop. The bus driver looked back with a leering

grin. He said “I know how you could have your way with

her. I happen to know that every night at midnight she

goes out to the cemetery by the church to pray. Now,

with the way you look, if you were to sprinkle some

glow-in-the-dark dust in your hair and beard, you could

convince her that you are Jesus and get her to do

anything you wanted.”

That night at midnight, our hippie friend was hiding in the

bushes in the cemetery, glow in the dark dust sprinkled

in his hair and beard. He saw a robed, veiled figure

approaching, and when she got close, he jumped out and

said “My precious one, I am well-pleased with you. I have

come down so that I can demonstrate that love, and so

that it can be consummated in a physical way.”

The nun answered “Yes, Lord, of course. But could we

please do it anally so that my virginity will still be


The hippie thought about it for about a half a second and

said “Sure.” After they were finished with a hot round of

tight anal sex, the hippie jumped back, shook the

glow-in-the-dark dust from his hair and beard and yelled

Ha Ha! I fooled you! I’m not Jesus, I’m the hippie.”

The “nun” then pulled off “her” veil and yelled “Ha Ha!

I fooled YOU!! I’m not the nun, I’m the bus driver!”

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