Random Thought
“Why do women always ask questions that have no right answers?”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon Let’s go hunting!

This Australian guy says to his wife”Honey let’s go hunting” She says to him “Weeeell I don’t think I wanna go.” He says to her” Look, I ‘ll give you three options-you give me a blow job,I give you a shot up your arse or we go hunting.Anyway think about it, I’m going to get the dogs.”

He comes back and says to her”So what is it gonna be?” She says “I decided I don’t wanna go hunting and I don’t want a shot up my arse-I think I’ll give you a blowjob” So she goes down on him and quickly comes up”ARGGH my word it stinks! What is it?” she says.

He says to her “Well the dogs did n’t wanna go hunting either!”

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