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“Boldly Going Nowhere”

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PostHeaderIcon Missing the ferry!

John loved living on Staten Island, but he didn’t

really like the ferry. If he missed the ferry late

at night, he had to wait an hour or more wandering

around the deserted streets of lower Manhattan.

So one day when he spotted the ferry no more than

fifteen feet from the dock, he decided he wasn’t

about to wait for another hour for the next one

to appear.

Backing up, he made a running leap and landed on

his hands and knees on the ferry’s deck. Getting

up, he brushed himself off and said proudly to a

fellow passenger, “That was a hell of a jump,

wasn’t it? I was worried I wouldn’t make it.”

“Oh, yeah, you made it just great,” the passenger

said, “but you could have waited a minute or two

longer and just walked on when the ferry docked.”

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