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PostHeaderIcon Steve the cowboy!

As an usher made his rounds one evening at a posh Texas theater, he

noticed an obviously drunken cowboy sprawled across three seats.

He nudged the cowboy’s foot with his flashlight. “I’m sorry, sir, but

you’re only allowed one seat.” The cowboy groaned, but didn’t move.

“Sir!” the usher insisted. “If you don’t move I’ll have to get the

manager.” The cowboy groaned again, wiggling one hand, but still didn’t


The usher marched off and came back with the manager. The manager tried to

get the cowboy to move, but he just moaned. Finally fed up with the man,

the manager called the police.

The policeman walked in, listened to the manager’s explanation, then

grabbed the cowboy by the shoulder, shaking him slightly. “All right,

buddy, what’s your name?”

“Steve,” the cowboy groaned. “Where ya from, Steve?” the officer asked,

hoping to talk him into moving.

Steve moaned, tried to lift his hand to point, and said, “the balcony!”

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