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“Turtles can breathe through their butts. - heh heh heh”

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PostHeaderIcon Streaking old ladies!

Two old guys are sitting in their chairs at The Old Folks’ Home. They sit in the same place every day. There’s also two little old ladies in the Home who’ve got nothing better to do than to parade past these two guys. Every day, they put on different dresses, make-up, fix their hair, do everything they can to get a rise out of these two guys. But these guys don’t flinch, they just sit there.

One day one of the little old ladies jumps up and says, “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna streak ’em. That’s what I’ll do. I’m gonna streak those old codgers. I’ll get a rise out of ’em if it’s the last thing I do.” She takes off all of her clothes and goes running in front of the two old guys.

One guy turns to the other guy and says, “Well, what’s she got on today?”

The other guy says, “I’m not sure…but it certainly needs ironing.”

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