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“You never know where to look when eating a banana.”

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PostHeaderIcon The mother of invention!

There is a famous saying which states that “necessity is the mother of

invention”, however the inventions on this list seem far from necessary.

Makeup That is Tattooed on: You might love that green eyeliner now, but

what about when you”re fifty?

Colored Elastics For Braces: As if the braces didn”t make your mouth stand

out enough.

Crayons That Smell: Oh, good, let”s give kids another reason to eat them.

Juicers: Carrot-peach-avocado-rhutabaga-pomegranate-yam juice was not meant

to be.

Colored Contact Lenses: Oh, yeah, purple is such a natural eye color.

Fake Eyelashes: You shouldn”t be able to braid your eyelashes.

The Epilady: Pulling hair out by the roots is masochistic.

Those Crocheted Kleenex Box Covers: Kleenex does not get chilly.

Heated and/or Padded Toilet Seats: Your not supposed to spend the day

there. Comfort should not be a pressing concern. Get in, do your thing, and

get out.

Thong underwear: Nothing leads to insanity faster than a perpetual wedgie.

Doggie Sweaters: Fido is not Mr. Rogers, nor does he want to be Mr. Rogers.

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