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“The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.”

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PostHeaderIcon Tongue-twister accidents!

Sporting a black eye, Brendan boarded his plane for Louisville. When he found his seat, he discovered that the man next to him also had a black eye. “Nice shiner!” he said. “Mind if I ask how you got yours?”

“Not at all.” The man replied. “It was a tongue-twister accident. I was at the ticket counter and this beautiful blonde with the most perfect shape you’ve ever seen was standing in line. So instead of saying I wanted the best seat on the plane, I said ‘I want the breast seat on the plane,’ so she punched me in the eye.

“Wow!” Brendan exclaimed. “Mine was a tongue-twister too!”

“What did you say?” the other man asked.

Brendan replied, “I meant to say ‘Please pass the butter’ but instead I said, ‘You ruined my life, you evil, self-centered, wide-bottomed pig!’

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