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“Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon Clinton and Hussein!

The President is meeting with Saddam Hussein regarding the recent crisis. They are meeting in Hussein’s Baghdad capital, and halfway through the meeting Hussein hits a button on his armrest. A fake arm flies out and hits Clinton in the face.

A little while later he hits another button and Clinton ducks, only to be kicked in the butt. A while later, this happens again. Clinton is angry, calls a break, and they decide to meet again later, in Washington.

When Hussein comes to DC, they sit in Clinton’s office. A few minutes into the discussions, Clinton hits a button, Hussein ducks, but nothing happens. A few minutes later, Clinton hits another button, Hussein ducks again, but still nothing happens. This happens a third time, and

Hussein, by this point, is angry and paranoid.

He gets up and shouts “Enough of this! I’m going back to Baghdad!”

Clinton looks up and displays a funny-looking smirk to the Iraqi leader. Then quite calmly replies, “What Baghdad?”

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