Random Thought
“My mate just hired an Eastern European cleaner, took her 5 hours to Hoover the house. Turns out she was a Slovak.”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon First aid for the military!

A group of U.S. marines arriving in Afganistan found themselves

taking a surprise refresher course on first aid. Following an involved

lesson on making splints, dressing wounds and applying tourniquets

to stop bleeding, the instructor decided to determine how well the

marine class had grasped the information given.

“Goldberg ,” he said, pointing to one of the marines, “say you

captured Bin Laden and find he has sustained a minor head wound,

what do you do about it?”

“That’s easy, Sir,” said Goldberg. “I wrap a tourniquet around his neck

and tighten it until the bleeding stops.”

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