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“It's Been Lovely But I Have To Scream Now!”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon New Marlboro Slogans!

Warning: cigarettes give you a raspy voice that makes

you sound as cool as you look.”

[Cough] [hack hack] [cough] [thpt] Smooooth.”

1″Don’t worry; you have an extra lung.”

“All of a sudden, your wife nagging you about smoking

isn’t nearly as annoying, is it?”

“…That was the sound of a 65-year-old smoker hocking

up a lung oyster at three in the morning.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a carrot stick?”

“Betcha can’t smoke just one.”

“I have less tar and nicotine than the leading brands,

you big pansy.”

“Buy another pack. Tobacco settlements don’t

pay themselves, you know.”

“The Marlboro Man has determined that the Surgeon

General is a pussy.”

“Each cigarette shortens your life by three minutes,

so smoke faster.”

“You have smoked… THREE… packs today. At this rate

you will develop emphysema in… FIVE… years.”

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