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“My reality check bounced.”

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PostHeaderIcon Prince Charles in the shower!

Prince Charles is having a shower. Although he is in a loving relationship he occasionally feels the need to empty his scrotal sacs, and this is one of these occasions. Just as he shoots his load, he sees a photographer taking a picture of the Royal seed flying through the air.

“Hold on a minute” says the Prince. “You can’t do that. You’ll destroy the reputation of the Monarchy. And my mother will have another fit!”

“This picture is my lottery win” says the photographer. “I’ll be financially secure for life.”

So the Prince offers to buy the camera off the photographer, and after lots of negotiation, they eventually arrive at a figure of two million quid. The Prince then dries himself off, and heads off with his new Camera. He meets one of his many housekeepers, who spots the camera.

“That looks like a really good camera, Charles” she says, “how much did it cost you?”

“Two million quid” replies Charles.

“TWO MILLION QUID!” says the housekeeper, “They must have seen you coming…”

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