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PostHeaderIcon South African crimes!

For those optimists and positive, politically correct citizens of SA.

South Africa is known as one of the highest crime countries in the world, with an annual murder rate of 52 people per 100,000 of the population.

Below is a humorous way to tell that you’re in South Africa:

Police stations now hire private security firms to protect them.

Landlords may not evict illegal squatters unless they offer them alternative accommodation.

Post Office workers are videotaped opening the mail and stealing the contents, but the film may not be used in evidence, because the workers were not informed that they were being filmed and the filming is an intrusion on their privacy.

A minister of religion who stole millions from overseas-donated funds for the oppressed, returns to the country to a hero’s welcome and is officially welcomed by the government, represented by the Minister of Justice.

20% of the city’s population pays for everyone else’s electricity and water supply, and get prosecuted if they refuse to pay.

A murderer gets a 2-year sentence and a pirate TV viewer a 6-month sentence.

The Constitutional Court declares the death sentence unconstitutional, but rules that abortion is okay.

The prisoners strike!!!

The police advise you not to stop if they wave you down in the middle of the night, but rather speed past them and drive to your nearest police station.

The Student Union “dimands” that academic achievement shouldn’t be a criterion for university acceptance, as it is discriminatory.

A government Minister is caught driving her car with a forged license, but the case is dropped for “lack of evidence”.

Government ministers meet with masked gang leaders to ask their advice on how to reduce crime and violence.

Scholars protest at the lack of schooling facilities by destroying school buildings.

The entire country sees a thug admit on TV news to murdering several people, but the police say they have no case.

You consider it a good month if you only get mugged once. The police ask you if they must follow up on the burglary you’ve just reported.

You paint your cars registration number on the roof in large letters.

A Minister is fired and returns the government cell phone, but keeps the government BMW

A 45-year-old engineer, gets replaced by a 25-year-old, who cannot write his own name.

The employees dance in front of the building to show how unhappy they are.

People start joking about the crime rate.

Here at Cast-A-Way are a bunch of patriotic South Africans. Personally I didn’t find this very funny! Come on people, lets all put in a little effort and make SA a great place to live!

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