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“Birthdays are good for you; the more you have, the longer you live.”

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PostHeaderIcon South African tender!

Stella Sigcawu wanted to rebuild her office, so she invited different

contractors for tenders. The first one was from Johannesburg [City

Centre],the second one from Durban and the last one from Soweto.

STELLA:OK gentlemen, nice job I want. Let us hear from Jhb.

The guy took out his tools, started measuring, marking, calculating. Then he

said R900.00.

STELLA : Why R900,sir?

Jhb guy : You see, R400 for all the material,R400 for my guys and R100 for my


STELLA : OK. Durban ?

The guy also took some measurements, calculations and R700 he said.

STELLA : Why R700?

Durban guy : R300 for me, R300 for materials and R100 for my profit.

STELLA : Now Soweto give us yours.

The guy started smiling, looking at her eyes and said R2,700.00.

STELLA : Yoh Yoh Yoh! How did you come to that amount without even taking

your measurements? What is that amount for?

The Soweto guy said : You see R1,000 for me & R1,000 for you.

STELLA : How about the R700.00 ?

Soweto guy : We hire that guy from Durban to do the job !!!!!!!!

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