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“If you can't get a lawyer who knows the law, get one who knows the judge.”

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PostHeaderIcon Bizarre sports mishaps!

To combat the heat in the 1950 Tour de France, ABD-EL KADER

Zaag drank a bottle of wine and promptly fell off his bike.

After sleeping it off by the roadside, he climbed back in

the saddle and sped off…in the wrong direction.

In May, 1986, 52-year-old PEDRO GATICA cycled from his home

in Argentina to Mexico for the soccer World Cup, only to

find on arrival that he couldn’t afford to get in. While

he haggled for a ticket, thieves stole his bike.

Cuban postman FELIZ CARVAJAL was denied a medal in the 1904

Olympic marathon when he stopped en route to talk to spec-

tators and eat unripe fruit. The resulting indigestion

relegated him to fourth place.

Batting at Koolgoorlie, Australia, in the 1970s cricketer

STAN DAWSON was hit by a delivery which ignited a box of

matches in his pocket. As he tried to beat down the flames,

he was run out.

Preparing for a bout at the 1992 New York Golden Gloves

Championships, boxer DANIEL CARUSO psyched himself up

by pounding his gloves into his face. In doing so, he

broke his nose and was declared unfit to box.

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