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“Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.”

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A man from Johannesburg moved to Durban.

As he wandered the streets he stopped at an antique shop and decided to go in. On looking around he noticed a very strange looking bronze cat which had a tag on it saying, “Bronze Cat R30.00, Story R150.00”.

The man was very curious and asked the salesman to explain.

“Well” said the man, “its just like it says, R30 for the cat and R150 for its story”.

“I’ll just take the cat,” said the man.

“Very well, but you will be back,” said the salesman.

The man left the shop with the cat in his pocket.

As he walked down the street he heard a strange mewing sound. On turning around he noticed there were a couple of cats following him.

The further he walked the more cats seemed to follow him. As he got to the beach he turned to see thousands of cats behind him.

“Screw this!” he said to himself and threw the bronze cat into the sea. All the cats jumped into the sea too and were drowned.

The man returned to the shop where he bought the cat.

“I knew you would be back. R150.00 for the story,” said the salesman.

“Forget the story,” said the man. “Have you got a bronze Sharks fan?”

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