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“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.”

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One day a man and his wife are playing golf at their home

course. On a certain par four, the man tees it up and hits a big slice

into the woods.

They find his ball directly behind one of the greenskeeper’s

buildings where equipment is stored, so that he can’t play toward the

green at all.

“Damn!” the man says, “I’ll have to play sideways to get back on

the fairway. I’ll make five at best.”

But his wife, who had been looking things over, said “Look, this

shed has double doors at both ends. If we open them up, you can hit a

low shot right through the building toward the green.”

The man congratulated his wife on her cleverness and they set up

for the shot. But the ball hit the top of the far doorframe and came

whistling back, striking his wife in the temple and killing her dead on

the spot.

A year or so later, the same man was playing the same par 4 and

hit his tee shot in almost exactly the same spot as before, right behind

the building.

As he is cursing his luck and preparing to swing, one of his

playing partners says, “Wait, look we can open these double doors


“No way,” the man says, cutting him off. “I was here last year

and tried that shot and ended up making a six.”

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