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“Going to war over religion: You're basically killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend.”

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PostHeaderIcon Olympic Games – Cape Town

Imagine the headlines in the Press:

  • Ethiopian pole vaulter still missing after strong South Easter.

  • Gangsters protest against refusal to participate in shooting event.

  • Athlete mugged while carrying Olympic torch.

  • Vagrant tries to enter discus event with hubcap.

  • Burning taxi on Signal Hill to be Olympic flame.

  • Caterers strike at Olympic village.

  • Gold medals lost in security scam.

  • Olympic trains delayed due to cable theft.

  • Important Olympic documents lost in S.A. post.

  • Sam Shilowa claims games a capitalist plot.

  • 30% petrol price increase upsets Olympic budget.

  • S.A. wins gold, silver and bronze in Toyi-Toyi event.

  • 2000 Rapists and murderers released for Olympic goodwill.

  • Squatters occupy Olympic village.

  • Stadium cleared of sheep and goats before events.

  • Starting gun kills sprinter.

  • Olympic bus delayed on N2 after hitting cow.

  • Minister blames apartheid for chaos.

  • Boesak appointed trustee of Olympic fund.

  • Olympic games delayed – Zuma tests athletes for steroids.

  • Winnie Mandela to referee men’s boxing.

  • Starting pistols stolen, replaced with A.K. 47’s.

  • Gymnast crushed in taxi carrying 23 athletes.

  • COSATU complains Swedish medallist was not black.

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