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PostHeaderIcon Starwars Rugby!

Star Wars First XV

Coach – Yoda

Exceptional tactical acumen, fantastic performer in his heyday.

Coming to the end of his contract.

Loosehead – Gamorrean Guard

His pig-like features, extremely violent tendencies and willingness to lay his

body on the line for his skipper makes Gam one of the best props in the galaxy.

Hooker – R2D2

Squat and dependable. Ultimate tight forward, but mobility a problem.

Tighthead – Jabba the Hut

Simply unmoveable in the set-piece making him the foundation of the pack. Like

many props has disgraceful table manners. Don’t sit next to him at the club


Lock – Darth Vader

Some doubts raised about fitness as has been known to breath heavily even in

the initial stages of the game. Nevertheless a huge presence.

Whether Vader’s helmet has been passed for match use by the Inter-Planetary

Rugby Board remains to be seen.

Lock – Chewbacca

At over two metres tall, Chewie is a must for the middle of the

lineout. Some disciplinary and communication problems.

Blindside Flanker – Boba Fett

The quiet man of the side, but the consummate professional hitman who leaves an

impression on anyone who has the misfortune to be tackled by him.

Openside Flanker- Jawa

Excellent at recycling, scrabbling around for the ball on the deck. Size could

be a problem at the tail of the lineout.

No.8 – Obi-Wan Kenobi

Veteran of the game but uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right

time. When knocked down comes back harder and better.

Scrum-half – Darth Maul

With the manual dexterity and sheer athleticism of a Gareth Edwards, Maul is

the ideal man for that No.9 shirt. Can pass off either hand while his horned

head, face tattoos and gleaming yellow eyes are guaranteed to put off all but

the most focused of opponents.

Fly-half – Luke Skywalker

Every great team needs a blond farm boy in the pivotal role. Can find touch

blind-folded. Has proven himself on the hard grounds of Tatooine.

Wing – Jar-Jar Binks

Very fast, but extremely clumsy. Perfect for the crash ball down the blindside

five metres out.

Centre – Han Solo

A maverick centre. No-one’s quicker over the Kessel run and fearless in

defence – if the contract is big enough.

Centre – Lando Carlissian –

Another unconventional player happiest when pulling off a gamble, but can

produce the goods on the big occasion.

Wing – Princess Leia

Fine pedigree, pretty nifty in tight situations and has most important

qualification for appearing on the wing – she’s a girl.

Fullback – C3PO

Like most fullbacks, no great fan of physical contact and has been know to run

away from tackles, but always comes good in a crisis.

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