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“I live in my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here.”

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PostHeaderIcon You are what you drive:


Passionate and romantic, you fancy yourself. A bit unreliable, and can be eccentric too. You hate BMW drivers, but think and act just like them.


You would like to believe you are part of the new generation that is caring, environmentally conscious and family-orientated. Actually, quite boring, nothing more than a glorified wuss. Will one day probably drive a Merc, but you still sometimes wonder if you shouldn’t have bought that Bee-Em.


Self-centred, ambitious, dynamic and assertive. Juppies and kugels past sell-by date. You think you will be CEO one day. Actually an office weenie who thinks you are God’s gift.


Faceless, subservient and demure (except for Matiz drivers). To you, a good deal is to work from nine to five, get nothing for it, and still say thank you. And then you wonder why you don’t have money for a good time after hours.


You still live in the 70’s, trying to cope with the 90’s (don’t even mention the millennium). A loyal, diligent worker, but baffled by office politics and labour policies. Next car will probably also be a Ford.


You aspire to drive a BMW. You are an opinionated pain-in-the-butt. The ultimate suffragette, or the boss’s girlfriend (male or female!).


Quite progressive, intelligent and practical. But misguided. The kind of person who will suggest a sub-committee to find solutions to what the committee couldn’t. You will always maintain that a Korean car is better than any Japanese model.


You would like to believe you are living the American dream and just love the great outdoors. The closest you get to it is by watching Days of Our Lives and the Adventure Channel.

Land Rover

You are a designer person with a designer life, who always pays too much for everything. Designer mud comes free with the badge. If you have a Freelander, it was probably a break-up gift from your ex.


A Ford driver with more money. Mostly staid boring with no image and less imagination.


Responsible, immaculate and conservative. Boring CEO clones with too much money, or the office super-geek who can’t remember what it’s like to have fun. Definitely not dating material.


Good, solid, responsible, loyal office-fodder. You like to travel and maintain that you can sell ice to the Eskimos. Favourite answer: “It’s a company car.”


Wannabe Schumachers. Would like a VW, but fell for the bumff about German engineering. Always in a rush, but never get anything done.


Not as label-conscious as your Land Rover counterpart, but still suckered into believing in the ultimate African adventure. You drive through puddles to create your own designer mud. You believe you’ve made the grade, but everyone else knows you’ve got a long way to go.


An eccentric who likes doing things the wrong way around. Usually the one who asks all the silly questions at staff meetings. You fervently believe you have flair, but it’s less than that of a French cookbook.


A make-believe fool, because you’d like a Pajero but can’t afford it.


You are an exciting and care-free individual. Friends are often envious of you and your car. Most Toyota drivers wish that they drove VW. Although you are very good-looking and attractive to the opposite sex, you are very modest and down-to-earth. Your superior intelligence will get you far in this world. You were born to lead.


You have an inferiority complex and feel threatened by VW drivers. You are usually very bad in bed and have difficulty in impressing people of the opposite sex. You are usually an embarrassment at social functions and tend to stay alone at home. You find sexual gratification from sleazy magazines and movies. Often you are found outside adult amusements stores. Your desire to own a VW sometimes overwhelms you, and you become nasty and rude. You should jump into your Toyota and drive off a cliff


Says it all

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