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(22 March 1999, Phnom Penh) Decades of armed strife has littered Cambodia with

unexploded munitions and ordnance. Authorities warn citizens not to tamper

with the devices.

Three friends recently spent an evening sharing drinks and exchanging insults

at a local cafe in the southeastern province of Svay Rieng. Their companionable

arguing continued for hours, until one man pulled out a 25-year-old unexploded

anti-tank mine found in his backyard.

He tossed it under the table, and the three men began playing Russian roulette,

each tossing down a drink and then stamping on the mine. The other villagers

fled in terror.

Minutes later, the explosive detonated with a tremendous boom, killing the

three men in the bar. “Their wives could not even find their flesh because the

blast destroyed everything,” the Rasmei Kampuchea newspaper reported.

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