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“A snooze button is a poor substitute for no alarm clock at all.”

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PostHeaderIcon Unlucky robber!

(Sounds Fishy)

A man walked up to a counter in a convenience store with robbery

on the mind. When he reached into his pocket to get his gun he

realized he had left it in the car. So instead, he grabbed the

clerk by his shirt and threatened him with a pocket knife. He

demanded and received the money from the cash register.

As the crook ran toward the door to make his escape, he fell down

on his knife. Witnesses saw him running out of the store with the

knife in his upper arm. They also indicated that the robber tried

to get into his car, but that he had left it locked and running.

The robber found a large stone and busted out his window and

proceeded to drive off only to have his car stall out.

At that point the robber exited the car with the bag of money in

one hand and the gun in the other. He proceeded to walk toward

witnesses with the idea of trying to steal a car to make his

escape. But, within moments after getting out of his own car he

heard sirens and saw a police car coming around the corner. He

then decided to make his escape on foot. In his run for freedom,

he entered the back door of a building behind the convenience

store. It turned out the building was the police station. Police

were surprised as the robber entered the station with a gun in

one hand a bag in the other and a knife stuck in one arm. Police

immediately apprehended this man. He was rushed to the hospital

with a police guard and later booked for his crime.

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