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“By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon Actual news headlines!

Gators to face Seminoles with Peters out

-The Tallahassee Bugle

Messiah climaxes in chorus of Hallelujahs

-The Anchorage Alaska Times

Governor’s penis busy (should be “pen is”)

-The New Haven Connecticut Register

Thanks to President Clinton, Staff Sgt. Fruer now has a son

-The Arkansas Plainsman

Clinton places Dickey in Gore’s hands

-Bangor Maine News

Starr aghast at First Lady sex position

-The Washington Times

Clinton stiff on withdrawal

-The Bosnia Bugle

Long Island stiffens for Lili’s blow


Organ festival ends in smashing climax

-San Antonio Rose

Petroleum jelly keeps idle tools rust-free

-Chicago Daily News

Textron Inc. makes offer to screw company stockholders

-The Miami Herald

Married priests in Catholic church a long time coming

-The New Haven Connecticut Register

Governor Chiles offers rare opportunity to goose hunters

-The Tallahassee Democrat

Would she climb to the top of Mr. Everest again? Absolutely!

-The Houston Chronicle

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