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“I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.”

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Q: What was Moby Dick’s father’s name?

A: Papa Boner.

Q: How is a blonde and a pitcher different?

A: A blonde doesn’t mind when you charge the mound.

Q: What’s better than seeing a woman wrestle?

A: Seeing her box.

Q: Have you heard about the new radio station in town?

A: It’s called WPMS… every month they give you three weeks of the blues and then one week of rag time.

Q: Did you hear about the new high school course?

A: Intercourse … you go between periods and you are expected to come.

Q: How do you cancel an appointment at the sperm bank?

A: Easy…You call them up and tell them you can’t come.

Q: Why won’t cannibals eat divorced women?

A: They’re always bitter.

Q: What should you do if an elephant comes in your window?

A: Learn to swim.

Q: What’s worse than having your doctor tell you that you have VD?

A: Having your dentist confirm it.

Q: Why does Miss Piggy douche with Honey?

A: Because Kermit likes sweet and sour pork.

Q: What’s the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?

A: The position of the dirt bag.

Q: Have you heard the slogan for the Stealth Condom?

A: “They’ll never see you coming.”

Q: What’s meaner than a pit bull with AIDS?

A: The guy that gave it to him.

Q. What do a farmer and a pimp have in common?

A. Both need a hoe to stay in business.

Q: How do women get minks?

A: The same way minks get minks.

Q: What do you call a 1000 pound woman on a bar stool with a new condom?

A: 1/2 ton pickup with good rubber.

Q: Did you hear about the girl who went on a fishing trip with 6 guys?

A: She came back with a red snapper.

Q: What do you call a female turtle?

A: A Clitortous.

Q: What’s better than screwing two eighteen year old girls at once?

A: Not a *damn* thing!

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