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“Always look on the negative side, so you'll never be dissapointed.”

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PostHeaderIcon Choosing babies!

3 men are sitting in the maternity ward of a hospital waiting for the imminent birth of their respective children – a South African an Aussie and a West Indian.

They are all very nervous and pacing the floor when the doctor bursts through the door and says, “Gentlemen, you won’t believe this but your wives have all given births to baby boys within 5 minutes of each other.”

The men are full of pride and congratulate each other but then doctor says, “However, in all the confusion, we mixed up the babies so we don’t know which belongs to which. We’d be grateful if you could help us to identify them.”

With that, the South African races past the other 2 men into the nursery and picks up the dark skinned baby with dreadlocks saying, “There’s absolutely no doubt about it, this ones mine!”

The doctor a little surprised says “But sir, I would have thought that maybe this baby is of West Indian descent.”

The South African replies, “Well that may be, but one of these babies is a Aussie, and I’m not taking the risk!”

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