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“The difference between the Pope and your boss....The Pope only expects you to kiss his ring.”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon Daily Affirmations!

  • I can forgive those who slight me and forget their past transgressions, but that doesn’t mean I have to feel guilty about “keying” their car.

  • People will believe I am confident in my successes if I keep the look of astonishment off my face.

  • I can say no to drugs, but I should remember that it is considered rude to turn down other people’s hospitality.

  • I can feel bad about clipping that old lady at the crosswalk with my car, or I can think, “hey, that old lady had lived long enough.”

  • I can feel bad about killing minks for their skin, or I can feel happy that I am not having mink roast for dinner.

  • I can feel bad about cheating on my spouse, or I can feel good about the love and happiness I spread around the city.

  • It is not the getting, it is the having that counts.

  • Life is a journey and it helps to have a map.

  • Hindsight may be 20/20, but it would be awfully hard to see out of your Levis.

  • If the police didn’t see it, it didn’t really happen.

  • Bartenders get lonely, and just like grandma they like to have you stop by and see them every once in a while.

  • Killing minks for their fur is a bad thing, but getting laid for giving a fur coat is a good thing.

  • A court order could be a way for your girlfriend to formalize your relationship in the eyes of the law.

  • Just because Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones are outbidding each other for you to appear on their shows does not make you a bad boyfriend.

  • Having sex on the first date does not make me “easy” it just makes me “user friendly.”

  • Even a moron can make a good decision. My boss might be a moron, but that moron signs my paycheck each week.

  • I may not like the sight of it, but Stevie Wonder sure would.

  • If my drinking problem only surfaces when my spouse complains, then it could be classified as only a localized problem and not a full scale actual problem.

  • Just because the cops do it, doesn’t make it legal or right.

  • My neighbor is not lazy, he just doesn’t want to pick up the dog poop his dog left in my yard. I am not being antagonistic by leaving it in the front seat of his Subaru, I just want him to know that unlike the apples that dropped in my yard, I do not want to share the rest of his toys or posessions.

  • Good fences make good neighbors and good electric fences really make good neighbors

  • Cheaters never win. Even if I have to fix it so they don’t.

  • Nobody likes a crybaby. Especially when they just paid $9.00 to watch a film in a movie theatre.

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