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  • June Foray, the voice of Talking Tina from the classic Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll”, was also the voice of Rocky the talking squirrel from “Rocky & Bullwinkle”.

  • “Halloween” took place in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois but almost all the cars in the film had California license plates.

  • “Smithee” is a pseudonym that filmmakers use when they don’t want their names to appear in the credits.

  • Four people played Darth Vader: David Prowse was his body, James Earl Jones did the voice, Sebastian Shaw was his face and a fourth person did the breathing.

  • The spaceship ‘Valley Forge’ from “Silent Running” (1971) actually got it’s name from the location used to film some of its interiors; a decommissioned aircraft carrier named the U.S.S. Valley Forge.

  • If you pause “Saturday Night Fever” at the “How Deep Is Your Love” rehearsal scene, you will see the camera crew reflected in the dance hall mirror.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme was the alien in the original “PREDATOR” in almost all the jumping and climbing scenes.

  • The mask used by Michael Myers in the original “Halloween” was actually a Captain Kirk mask painted white.

  • Kathleen Turner was the voice of Jessica Rabbit, and Amy Irving was her singing voice.

  • Sharon Stone was the first “Star Search” spokesmodel.

  • Clark Gable used to shower more than 4 times a day.

  • Walt Disney named Mickey Mouse after Mickey Rooney, whose mother he dated for some time.

  • Pinocchio is Italian for “pine eyes.”

  • Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to SLOW a film down so you could see his moves. That’s the opposite of the norm.

  • Melanie Griffith’s mother is actress Tippi Hendren, best known for her lead role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

  • King Kong is the only movie to have its sequel (Son of Kong) released the same year (1933).

  • It was illegal to sell ET dolls in France because there is a law against selling dolls without human faces.

  • During the chariot scene in ‘Ben Hur’ a small red car can be seen in the distance.

  • Elvis had a twin brother named Jesse Garon, who died at birth, which is why Elvis’ middle name was spelled Aron; in honor of his brother.

  • A walla-walla scene is one where extras pretend to be talking in the background — when they say “walla-walla” it looks like they are actually talking.

  • 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don’t die throughout the movie.

  • Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are brother and sister.

  • Alfred Hitchcock didn’t have a belly button. It was eliminated when he was sewn up after surgery.

  • The name Wendy was made up for the book “Peter Pan.”

  • Bela Lugosi died during the filming of “PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE”. Director Edward D. Wood Jr. used a taller relative who held a cape in front of his face so the audience wouldn’t know the difference so he could complete filming.

  • Debra Winger was the voice of E.T.

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