Random Thought
“Remember "I" before "E", except in Heineken.”

Another Thought...

PostHeaderIcon T-Shirt sayings continued!

“Real Men Don’t Waste Their Hormones Growing Hair”

“Upon the Advice of My Attorney, My Shirt Bears No Message at This Time”

“That’s It! I’m Calling Grandma!” – (seen on an 8 year old)

“Wrinkled Was Not One of the Things I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up”

“My Husband and I Married for Better or Worse. He Couldn’t Do Better and I Couldn’t Do Worse”

“My Dog Can Lick Anyone”

“I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts – Do You Want Fries With That”

“Finally 21, and Legally Able to Do Everything I’ve Been Doing Since 15”

“Alabama: One Million People, Fifteen Last Names”


“Discourage inbreeding – Ban Country Music”

“WELCOME TO KENTUCKY Set your watch back 20 years.”

“The trouble with life is there’s no background music.”

“Suicidal Blonde Twin Kills Sister By Mistake!”

“Two rights do not make a wrong. They make an airplane.”

“My wild oats have turned to shredded wheat”

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