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“Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?”

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ADULTERY – The wrong people doing the right thing.

ALIMONY – The screwing you get for the screwing you got.

BABY – A hollow tube with a loud voice at one end and a complete lack of responsibility at the other end.

CANNIBAL – One who is apt to pass his best friend.

CHIVALRY – A mans inclination to defend a woman against every man but himself.

CONSCIENCE – That which hurts when everything else feels so good.

CONSTIPATION – To have and to hold.

COOKIE – A virgin doughnut.

DANCE – A Naval engagement without the loss of seamen.

DIVORCE – What happens when two people cannot stomach each other any longer.

DECOY – A flashlight in the pants pocket.

DIARY – Book of revelations.

DOCTOR – A lucky fellow who is privileged to undress women and go all over them without getting his face slapped.

ENEMA – A goose with a gush.

EXPLORATION – Beating around the bush.

FATHER’S DAY – Nine months before labor day.

GENTLEMAN – One who is always careful to rest at least half his weight on his elbows.

GIGGALO – The egg that laid the golden Goose.

GLAMOUR GIRL – a much publicized young thing who is full of oomf, and frequently full of other things; one who doesn’t worry about the meat shortage.

HORSE SHOW – A lot of horses showing their asses to a lot of horses’ asses showing their horses.

HUSBAND – What is left after the nerve has been killed.

KEPT WOMAN – One who wears mink all day and fox all night.

HUNG CHOW – Chinese constipation.

A KISS – Upper persuasion for lower invasion; upstairs shopping for downstairs merchandise.

MASTURBATION – A solo played on a private organ.

METALLURGIST – A man who can look at a platinum blonde and tell whether she is virgin metal or a common ore.

MINUTE MAN – One who double parks while he visits a sporting house.

MORNING – The time of day when the rising generation retires, and the retiring generation arises.

MOTHER’S DAY – Nine months after fathers day.

MULE BARBECUE- Where everybody gets a piece of ass.

NUN – A woman who ain’t never had none, don’t want none, and ain’t going to get none.

NURSE – A pan handler.

NURSERY – A place to park last years fun until it grows up a bit.

PAPOOSE – Consolation prize for taking a chance on an Indian blanket.

PIMP – A crack salesman; a nookie bookie.

PREGNANCY – When a woman is all swelled up from her mate’s handiwork.

RHUMBA – An asset to music.

SECRETARY – A stenographer who watches her periods.

SIN – Anything the other fellow enjoys and you don’t.

SISSY – A man who gets out of the bath tub to take a leak.

SPRING FEVER – When the iron in your blood turns to lead in your pencil.

STORK – The bird that had none of the fun in bringing the babies.

TAXIDERMIST – A man who mounts animals.

TOMCAT – A ball bearing mouse trap.

TRIPLETS – Having to take seriously what was poked at you in fun.

VISE – Anything you enjoy that is bad for you.

VIRGINITY – A bubble on the stream of life, one prick and it’s gone forever.

VIRGIN WOOL – Wool from a sheep that can outrun a sheep herder.

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